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A Giant Dog have already shared one breathlessly fun song from their upcoming album Toy – that’d be “Photograph,” a raunchy ode to long-term commitment — and now they’re back with another. “Bendover” is rendered even more fun by the video from director Ed Dougherty, which features pyrotechnics, backup dancers, and lots of leather, but really, the whole thing is made by Sabrina Ellis’ intensely committed performance alone. “From the band’s point of view, the only thing I ever ask of a director is please make us look cool,” says co-vocalist Andrew Cashen. “Trust me, we are not cool people, but it is our job to convince people otherwise. After seeing what Ed accomplished with this video, I am fully confident that he has pulled down the curtain and concealed the dorky wizard behind it.”
No lyrics found for the track "Bendover" by A Giant Dog. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Rock/Metal music releases in 2017.


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