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Amy Oelsner is gearing up to release a new full-band album, Elastic, in early August. She’s already shared “Lavender Night” and “Sunday Meal” from it, and today she’s debuting another one called “History Walking” that comes across like a cool burst of keys and air. As Oelsner explains: This song is about getting stuck in ruts with the people you love and have known for years, the comfort and frustration of long term relationships, getting lost in the banality of life and not always being able to access gratitude. It’s also about getting confused in your own timeline by letting the past affect your present and the present cloud your perception of the future. Basically, my personal understanding of the theory of relativity as explained by a pop song. “History Walking” is demonstrative of how varied Elastic is and how many different contexts Oelser’s songwriting works in, and you can listen to it alongside a fun animated video.
No lyrics found for the track "History Walking" by Amy O. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Pop/Rock music releases in 2017.

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