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Song Lyrics:

hi , i'm persian , i'm so glad to be helping you , and it's my translation just for arash verses

from 20th second to 37

man dooset daram :
i've loved you
be cheshme man gerye nade :
don't give cry to my eyes
na , nemitoonam :
no , i'm not able to
bedoone to halam badeee :
without you i'm depressed

from 55th second to 1 : 16

to , har jaa ke bashi kenaretam :
wherever you be , i'm beside you
taa aakharesh divoonatam :
to the end , i'm psychotic of you
to , to nemidooni , ke joonami , bargard pisham :
you , you don't know , that you are my lief , come back foreside me

la la leyli , la la leyli , la laaa :
it doesn't have any purporst !

i hope you list it , thanks

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