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Song Lyrics:

I was workin real hard in a gravel yard
when I came across a silver coin
you know it wasn''t that much but I tried my luck because I''d had enough of being employed

Mama mama don''t worry long for me
I''m a man and I must find my way
mama mama can you tell Sue for me
If I stayed here I''d die in a working man''s grave

Well I was dead flat broke and that wasn''t no joke
''cause I was swimming in a pile of debt
but I have to admit that when I up and quit
I pulled an iron shackle from my neck

Well it''s been some years and I''ve grown a beard
and I''ve taken to the life I lead
When I think of the past the thinkin'' doesn''t last
I have everything I ever need

When I turned to leave I heard the pit boss scream
"Son you know you''ll never return"
Well I didn''t say a word I just flipped him the bird
and that''s the last of me that he saw

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