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The song "The Change" is truly about taking a look at our world and realizing how much in need it is. I think it is so easy to be complacent sometimes and just accept that things are how they are and that they will always be that way. It takes someone or something to open up our eyes and say hey things do not have to be like this. We are created to be more than what we are at this moment. My hope is that this song will open eyes and stir the hearts of the people into action. That it will truly light a fire so that we can be a change in our environments and world. Then when we realize that we have that ability we can truly feel like we are alive and fulfilling our calling in life. AsWeAre (AWA) has become known nationally for its inspirational message of hope and unity. Forming in early 2012, (AWA) has been active in the music industry nationally and internationally. From DIY tours to big ticket festivals, AWA has kept a consistent tour schedule. The band’s presence on social media has gained them recognition world wide and has helped them brand their own style and sound. In early 2014 the band released the single "What Do You Believe In". It received airplay on radio stations across the nation and began to bring AWA recognition nationally. With the success of "What Do You Believe In", the band began working in the festival market. AWA teamed up with coveted producer Kevin Gates (Never Shout Never, The Ready Set, Romance on a Rocketship, Go Radio) to record their first EP in January 2015. AWA calls Mount Vernon, IL home. Their single "The Change" is releasing in the fall of 2016. As AWA looks to the future they find themselves on the brink of great things.
No lyrics found for the track "The Change" by AsWeAre. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Christian music releases in 2016.

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