The Blerds is a collective of creative audio nerds. We are musicians, artists, producers, and DJs. Today, we consist of Cedric Ivory and Trey Best. Our music is blended with who we are and what we’re into. We nerd out for EDM, drum and bass, future bass, trap, r&b melodies, pop, and super skilled DJ/producers. We’re the kids who probably got teased in school for being more intellectual and love the uncool. We like what’s outside the realm of accepted imagination, and we’re not at all ashamed. Our music reflects what we are and who we are. You could call it "urban edm" but it’s limiting, and The Blerds are not "oreos", trying to be the majority or anyone else. We just happen to be into different shi*. Our music reflects how no blerd is the same, but we’re all still welcome.
No lyrics found for the track "Mercy" by Blerds. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Unknown music releases in 2016.