I wrote "Beside You" from a deeply personal place having just come out of a season where I had weathered some storms that absolutely blindsided me…but God was with me in those storms. He led me through "the valley of the shadow of death" with the diagnosis of an ultra rare disease with our daughter. The comfort and provision I received in that time was unlike anything I had ever experienced before in my life. My co-writer Joshua Silverberg and I decided to write a song that would lift you, strengthen you, encourage you and ultimately just comfort you that the God of the Universe will always be "beside you." – Cameron James

Song Lyrics:

Closer, Closer then a bother
My love with you forever.
You won't find, you won't find me hiding
for you I'll never stop fighting.

I'll be with you in the heat of battle.
I'll stick closer to you then your shadow.
All of heaven is right there behind you.
So don't fear, cause I'm here.

Beside you
Beside you
Beside you
Beside you

Not a fire I won't walk through
not a place I can't get to
On a white horse faster then lightening
through the clouds here I come riding

repeat Chorus

[:: BRIDGE ::]
No height, no depth
There's nothing that can keep me from you
I'm tethered forever
There's nothing that can keep me from you

repeat chorus

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