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Song Lyrics:

Uh, yeah
Some regular degular, bloody bars

I swear to God, they ain't wanna see me leave the club
Got up on my shi* and now they scared to show me love
They'd rather see me on the pole twerkin' it for dubs
I guess I really gotta show them what the f**k is up
I'm on some other shi*, that Cardi B gutta shi*
Every time I catch a hating bi**h, she on her stutter shi*
Can't finish her words but on Instagram thuggin' shi*
You set yourself up, don't make it seem like I be buggin', bi**h
And Ni**as hatin' on me, really be upset
I don't know, make me wonder what you got between your legs
You a real Ni**a mad at a bi**h for getting bread?
You's a bi**h from birth, you just grew a third leg, woo!
Bite down, bite down, it was crunch time
Yeah I skip all of them bi**hes in the lunch line
I put in work, now I'm here at the front line
Ready for the bullshit, I swear it's on my bloodline
Touch mine, getting slumped, slimed one time
Pump blind, bi**hes quick, then I dump mine
Pull up with the Gucci clutch, spitting clutch rhymes
Flyer than a big big B with a Blood tie
Don't do much, she get hard when I bust wines
No straws for this juice box, got one time
Last Ni**a I was with went insane
'Cause my head game movin' hills like I'm lookin' for the sunshine
I'm a Bronx bi**h birthed from the hip-hop
From the block to the tick tock in the Patek watch
Quick drop with the cash, couldn't fit the Ziploc
Grips locked, get your shi* popped in my flip flops
Walking out, but every dollar, I still want it all
Now he wanna nail me, I could give your man a cure
You gotta mail me, but I don't check my spam at all
Never feel what you're sayin' like I'm usin' Anbesol
Travel all around the states getting nice checks
I was tourin' off a tape, I had a hype set
Is that the reason all these Ni**as wanna pipe next?
I'm a creep, bi**h, see his d*ck through his Nike Tech

Got 'em all scared, I ain't even strike yet
Wire up jaws when I swing if the mic stretch
I recall, took the right steps, had a shot
So I took the shi*, now this game gon' need a life vest

I said, woo!

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