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Song Lyrics:

I'm selfish if I please myself
I'm good if I please you
I'm a rebel if I don't fit in the box
I'm a challenge if I do.

I'm ignorant to your hypocrite
Naive to your experience
Well oop but I don't give a shht
Cause I ain't waitin on you to approve.

Cause I got all the love that my heart can give

(All the love that my heart can give)

A tidal wave that you can't hold back

(Tidal wave that you can't hold back)

Courage is all dreams need to live

(Courage is all dreams need to live)

And your fiction is my fact.

Tough guys wantin this girl to play nice. I don't mean to play rough guys. I'm just trusting my gut guys. I think I threaten these tough guys cause I'm in love with my own life and I've heard enough lies... If it makes you cry if it makes you cry well that's just tough... guys.

I'm smart if I ask a question that you know the answer to
I'm an airy fairy hippie if I try to teach

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