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Song Lyrics:

What ever I want I'm coppin
She wanna kick it and ride with a Ni**a where ever I stop she topping
Rondo he ready to slide with a Ni**a whenever I nod he Bopping
Sweeping yo shi* up
Big box chevy pull eating yo shi* up
Ni**a want war we never do get ups
100round eating yo crib up
Bi**h trynna slide whenever we get up
She know she eating this d*ck up
She'll be lucky if I even beat it up
Too high to even be seeing her
She wanna talk about why I can't be with her...
Fo'nem slide supa soakers in them sport motors
Make yo BM stuff that work up in that Ford Taurus
With them honchos ain't no heroes it's like 5Jokers
Ain't no more liters at that citgo bought like 9Sodas
She know she cannot get nun outta me
She know that that guap getting all of me
Whatever I'm in gotta lotta speed
Can't stop for the cops gotta lotta weed
Fo'nem be buying like hella fans
Pull up I swear you'll catch a breeze
Pull up I swear you'll catch the z's
Skirt off it's over for catching me
I'm moving slick Ina benz
New 2017 breaking it in
Try to stay away from the law they O.M.D they don't want me to win
That bi**h already know what I'm On she don't want me around none of her friends
Them Hoes already know how I'm coming they don't even really wanna be with they man
I really be stuck Ina daze
She just suck on my d*ck and she don't get shi* I really be f**king amazed
Givinchy my fit my auntie ?
Fo'nem might slide in yo shi* empty it don't even know what they sprayed
That bi**h just told me to slide I told her ight and she be waiting for days
Pull up in yo crib while yu sleep not a alarm yu gon wake up to k's
I am not a hero I be to high to save them days
I don't really care where she go I gotta go bi**h fade away
Get that dome then I'm gone ona shortest notice
In that 2door watch me vanish call me hocus pocus
Bi**h I'm holding yu ain't know this shi* yu have to know this
And that R.A leave that dust up on ya Ford Vocus
I walk Ina mall with a knot on me
I'm leaving that bi**h with a knot me
My bi**h just got us another bi**h I'm taking em both ona shopping spree
Marko just bought him another clip and that bi**h would yo a*s over seas
Pockets they getting Hercules
Run up you catching that 100 peace

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