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Charlotte Hatherley is transformed into a lovelorn alien in her video for A Sign directed by Gavin Rothery. The video follows Hatherley and Rothery working together on his short film The Last Man, and explores the artist's love of sci-fi in a contained and atmospheric piece that was shot on Pett Level Beach. Hatherley developed the androgenous look of the character with makeup artist Natasha Lawes, and the video was shot by Ivan Wood. "The video expands a very personal break up song into the story of a heartbroken alien travelling through space and time looking for true love," Hatherley told Clash. "With the right video and visuals you can enhance the music, add layers and colour to make it more powerful."
No lyrics found for the track "A Sign" by Charlotte Hatherley. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Pop music releases in 2017.


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