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Song Lyrics:

This is the last train
Ain't no other chance
This is the last move
Ain't no other dance

It don't know about your sorrows
And less about your pain
It's just the last train

Nobody knows where it's going
Nobody knows where it's been
It carries all your bad luck
It carries all your pain

You know you can't stay here
Go through it all again
Better jump on the last train

This ain't the last train home
Or where that might have been
All you know is you can't be here
For a fight that you can't win

You know it's coming to ya
It's only you that's left to blame
Wherever it's going better jump on the last train

Oh, the ice wind of fear
Feel it moving all around you
Feel it coming near took a lifetime
But now it's found you

The acid end it's coming
It's screaming out your name
Oh, you better jump on the last train

Now your skin is going to bleed
All around your poisoned chains
You've used up every little dirty trick
Till nothing else remains

All that's coming down on you
Is a mess of tears and pain
Ooh, you better get on that last train

You got everything to lose
You got nothing to gain
The only thing for sure
Ooh, this is the last train

Yeah, you better jump on the last train
Yeah, yeah, you better jump on the last train
You better jump on the last train

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