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Song Lyrics:

music and lyrics by Christina Paul

I will surrender my life to You, Lord
You are the one that I live for
You are my life and my every breath
The maker of me, I am not my own

Everything I am, Everything I have,
Everything I've been through
Lord I offer to You my life lifting up my praise
All of my plans, all of my dreams that are yet unseen
Lord I offer to You my heart, I give You all the praise
Surrender, I Surrender

How can I thank You enough, oh Lord
For all that You've done in my life
What can I give that You have not given me
I give You my all, I give You everything

You gave me Your life unselfishly,
Just to prove Your love for me
There's nothing else I can give to You,
But to Surrender, I Surrender

© 2007 Christina Paul/SESAC

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