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Song Lyrics:

Here we are among the living,
see and count your friends
gathered in a room together.
This is how it ends.
Can’t stand the modern act
whose war is this, what god is that?
Feels like the tide is only
starting to come in.

Do you know what it’s like
to be out and alive?
To say you’re doing alright,
yeah, you’re doing just fine?
When you feel like an ocean
coming out of a creek,
filling rivers to wait for you wherever you are?
When you’re out and around
and all you ever see
are people looking away?
It’s nothing new to me.

I want a life, that’s all I need lately.
I am alive but all alone.

Calling on the light, forgiving,
see to all and then
waiting on the old, expiring force
to go and end.

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