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Instrumental. No vocals on track.

Music: Code Elektro
Label: Iceberg Records A/S

Written and Directed by
Victor Velasco

Kara Wang
Maximiliano Hernandez
Hayley Keown

Director of Photography: Lerry Kin
Production Designer: Ginaris Sarra
Producer: Jaime Carbajal
Story By: Victor Velasco & Ginaris Sarra
Executive Producer: Victor Velasco, Ginaris Sarra & Maximiliano Hernandez
Editor: Ginaris Sarra
Visual Effects: Victor Velasco & Ginaris Sarra
Fight Choreographer: Ragnhild Bjoerge
Make up Artist: Holly Eve Hernandez
Hair Stylist: Moe Alvarez
Assistant Director: Ben Ivers
Assistant Camera: Tam Lam
Grip: Brennan Rojo
Production Assistant: Marvin Akanyi

This tune is instrumental and contains no lyrics


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