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The new single, Staying Alive Ain’t Easy from Cold Roses forthcoming album Escape To Anywhere, available now for airplay! Hailing from Philadelphia and battling it out in the clubs along the mid-Atlantic, the Philadelphia-bred sextet deftly merges forceful sonic punch, crafty melodic hooks and emotionally forthright lyrical content, while taking advantage Philly’s rich musical R&B, Pop, Soul and Jazz influences. On the heels of performing at the Firefly Festival and with the release of their first single, Cold Roses makes it clear that this is a band has been busy making dynamic, personally charged music! Cold Roses’ singer-guitarist-songwriter, Rob Clancy, sums up his band’s musical philosophy; "I don’t see any contradiction between playing a loud rock ‘n’ roll song or a quiet acoustic ballad, if it’s all coming from a place that’s real and honest,".
No lyrics found for the track "Staying Alive Ain’t Easy" by Cold Roses. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Pop/Rock music releases in 2017.

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