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Since the first day of primary
My own psyche wanna advise me
Two two one two in the 90s
Brought up nicely still knew prices
I could see a big bird in my window
Way back then I was never in limbo
Didn't know about the town of Gringo
Watched the wind blow didn't see a thing though
At 11 year 7 In Stepney
Not yet so the mind set empty
Better bet that regret comes plenty
Better yet when the debt gets hefty
Looking at it like what where the rest be
Not really gonna stop till they get me
The net's a net that never gets emptied
So we better throw it off play can when the

True say
I don't care what I do say
Oh well move to a new day
Oh well it ain't gonna go well
I ain't gonna stay close

From a car park to a Greenland
There's a new scene that I never see planned
Fell and drew a new path did it free hand
And he can't but I swear she can
If it don't work let it be a rebound
If it don't work let it be a relearn
So it don't hurt if you wanna return
Concern for what I earn that's recent
Went and tried a few things in a few years
Might of liked one thing and it's still here
Might of liked another thing and it's still there
There won't ever be a thing that won't care
Tunnel stare unaware that it weren't fair
Feel the bright light fight in a nightmare
Our site for blue lights going nowhere
Better throw it of play can when the

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