Produced by Cynthia Haring & Katia Valdeos, "Walking in a Memory" celebrates 90 years of doo wop, pop, soul & swing. Recorded primarily in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, this album features 13 songs (from 1921 to 2013) performed by Tampa Bay World Nation, guest musicians, and guest singers including Lettrice Lawrence, Richie Merritt, Steve Horn, Al Chisolm, Bela Aquino, Heather Krueger, Alison Burns, Colleen Cherry, and Sami Fousek. Video editing by Carlos Agard. Photography by Christian Valdeos. To order the CD, visit our store at: Thank you for supporting our music! Cynthia Haring & World Nation celebrate their debut appearance on the Billboard Heatseeker West North Central Regional Music Chart at #6 (for the week of June 17, 2017) with "Walking in a Memory," a collection of 13 nostalgia songs showcasing 90 years of doo wop, pop, soul and swing. "Walking in a Memory," the third album release by Cynthia Haring & World Nation, highlights songs from the 1920s to the present and includes performances by kids, teens, young adults, and guest musicians from Iowa, Illinois, Arizona, California, and Florida. This is Cynthia Haring & World Nation’s first time entering Billboard Magazine’s prestigious music charts, and they do so in their first week of release. "Walking in a Memory" was self-produced by Cynthia Haring and Katia Valdeos, recorded and mixed by Tom Morris, and engineered by Charles Glenn, Tom Morris, Barry Paul, Bobby Pedersen, Eddie Perez, Surendra Ramdehal, Keith Rouster, and Trammell Starks, with assistance from Andrew Boullianne and John Trottnow. "Walking in a Memory" was mastered at Raveolution Studios in India. The album was released on Cynthia Haring’s own World Nation Records.
No lyrics found for the track "Walking In A Memory" by Cynthia Haring & World Nation. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Adult Contemporary music releases in 2017.

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