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Song Lyrics:

Persuaded to stay again.
All I feel is the same old ache in my head.
Unaware of the confusion, the delusion.
Neck tie, a thin line.
I get up on the chair next to my bed side.
Do I fear death? It won’t stop.
I can feel it calling me under my breath.

You fed off my pity, my pity ran out.
I searched through my mind, in my mind was no doubt.
Through my youth like a cavity that I wish to black out.
I was living a life I was never about.

I know I promised but this has to be said.
This bi**h has got me feeling so damn brain dead.
A slit across her throat will bring peace in my head.
14 months, too long I had to pretend.

Misery and lack of sleep drives me to insanity.

Trapped in my head again.
Back sinking in the deep end.
A place for people just like me.
Hidden from where your eyes cant see.

Redirected my attention. I made myself into a better person.
Rebuilt bridges I once destroyed now I’ll try and mend them.
Got rid of all the tension.
Spoke all the words I never got to mention.

This is my final plea.
This is my destiny.
Take…death let me take her life.

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