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I believe people are looking for worth today. In an insecure world, there is irony in the fact that we will find our worth by proclaiming God’s. When we see all He has done for us, we wake up from the stupor this world puts us in and do what we were made for – to know and worship God. In this place of worship, we find the greatest peace we were searching for our whole lives. I have been writing music for 29 years and set aside formal ministry when God revealed sexual abuse in my home at the end of 2007. That year I had won 1st place in a Christian Contemporary competition on a TV show, "An Evening with Champions" and God was opening many effective doors for ministry when our lives were thrust into turmoil. But nothing mattered more than helping my children and I to heal. In that horrific chapter of my life, God met me and my children and showed us that His presence was enough through all of the upheaval and immense burdens we walked through. He is indeed worthy of praise – at all times. Through the healing process, God helped us to overcome the many labels we bore in our grief. Lies from the enemy threatened to steal our hope, but in the process of crying out to God for restoration, He began to stir my heart to minister from that place of suffering. He developed a writing ministry as I began a blog derived from my devotion time. Through writing about all that God has taught me in His Word, I saw how He used it all for good and turned what seemed like an end into a new beginning in ministry. A ministry formed in a place of pain became my own deliverance. God’s goodness in my life, even in times of adversity, led to sharing His healing message of hope with others who are hurting. Currently, I am privileged to serve the LORD in my home church on staff as a worship leader. I also write for the Upper Room and on my blog on the topic of "Hope Reinvented" and other topics which focus on navigating through disillusionment and finding the goodness of God in the land of the living. The LORD has also once again opened doors to minister at concert events again – God has indeed made beauty from ashes. Finally, in 1 Kings Chapters 5 and 8, we see instances where God’s worth was praised for His faithfulness and the fulfillment of His promises. What struck me in this passage was that a neighboring king, King Hiram, saw God’s favor and activity in Israel, and it provoked this king to worship. My prayer is that people would see God’s redemption of and activity in their own lives and that it would stir their hearts to see God’s worth, worship wholeheartedly and proclaim His worth.
The music hit "You Are Worthy" by Denise Pass has been added to Sort Hits during 2017 as a new Christian single release.
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