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Song Lyrics:

You know what it is Ni**a, Highbridge shi*
Bi**h they called me Don Vito

They call me Hollywood, I ain't really with the gimmicks
Yeah, I'm 100 'til they end me
.38 ain't say a word but they hit them with a sentence
Damn, I'm just praying they appeal 'em
I get it from the designer, you ain't finding what I'm wearing
My lil' bi**h don't play with cheques and she FaceTime me when it's clearing
Motherf**ker, all aside I'ma yell it to 'til they hear it
When we catch them we gon' air them
Ain't no mercy, ain't no sparing
Hol' up Ni**a, hol' up, hol' up, now wait a minute
You want me at the club you gotta pay for my appearance
You wanna say what's up, well take a picture, Ni**a stop the staring
Homie, please don't make me nervous we ain't peeking with the [?]
Rose bottles, we just pass them to the thotties, let them share it
She said she like the Highbridge piece, she wanna f**k me while I wear it
I've got diamonds dripping off me, watch your step when you come near it
I'ma leave the club with two and then pull off in the McLaren
Don Vito, bi**h

[:: BRIDGE ::]
They call me Don Vito, they call me Don Vito
They call me Don Vito, bi**h

For the record, it's a half a key to get me on the record
You ain't got it? Don't be tryna bargain with me, just respect it
I tell bi**hes if you wanna party with me, just get naked
I ain't got no time for leeching groupie bi**hes in my section
F**k her two or three times then I turn her to a runner
You ain't tryna help me play up in the field, I gotta punt her
I'm a get it type of Ni**a, keep a mindset of a hustler
Told her 19 that we made it, they still looking at them numbers
Wide body what I'm floating in, Louis Vuitton loafers in
No tints so they know it's him, how 'bout taking your hoe again
Yeah, we throwing funeral parties and I'm promoting it
I just boiled the water and let the coke soak in it
I be heavy weeded, barely leather seated
And I'm Fendi head to feeted
I'm the one they kept a secret
Ni**as telling him I've seen it
From felons to misdemeanors
Your homie is the reason they sending you that subpoena
Yeah, you tryna hold it in but how the f**k how you suposed to win
If they take the DA word, they gon' give you over ten
First, you find her to close to kin
Then you put a hole in him
Execution style, I bet she never go to court again

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