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Seattle trio Dude York have announced their sophomore album, Sincerely, the follow-up to their 2014 debut, Dehumanize. “Black Jack” is its lead single and opening track, an electric and anthemic song about relying on the people around you to find the inner strength you need to keep moving forward. “I relied on myself/ Neglected my own health/ Too afraid to ask for help/ Tried to do it all by myself,” Peter Richards sings over a crunchy, arena-ready riff, but the outwardly empowering nature of the track encourages you to turn to your friends to help get through it: “As far as I can tell, nobody does it all by themselves.” Dude York's Sincerely opens with a blast—the massive opening chords of "Black Jack," a squealing track that blends the swagger of glam with the heavy riffing and ringing hooks of arena rock. The Seattle-based trio—Peter Richards on guitar and vocals, Claire England on bass and vocals, and Andrew Hall on drums—is announcing itself with an album that couches its themes of anxiety and eroding mental health in rock tracks that amp up the sweetly melodic crunch of powerpop with massive distortion and bashed-to-heck drums. Sincerely is a loud, sweaty rebuke to those moments in life when it seems like nothing's working, a testament to the power of friendship, staring problems directly in the face, and finding solace in art. A first pass at a home-recorded version of Sincerely led to the band being told that there was "drywall in every piece of [the record]," says Hall, and they had to go back to the drawing board. Longtime Sleater-Kinney and Bikini Kill producer John Goodmanson and JR Slayer (aka The Blood Brothers’ Cody Votolato) helped Dude York craft a record that captured the energy of their live show while finding new ways to expand upon its ideas.

Song Lyrics:

I heard life
Can find a way
For hopeless kids
Hoping every day

The world's greatest doctor
In so much pain
Up for days and
Bent from strain, yeah

If you fear
Or feel afraid
If you find satisfaction
From getting paid
Throw both of your hands up
You've just been made
Baby, you were born different
And meant to be that way

I relied on myself
Neglected my own health
Too afraid to ask for help
I try to do it all by myself
Still believe in myself
My friends my only wealth
As far as I can tell
Nobody does it all by themselves

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