Ellogram (Shane Fritsch) is an Electronic/Pop Producer from Sydney Australia and formally the front man and songwriter of the band St Leonard’s, who’s music has been featured on the hit USA TV series’ "The Vampire Diaries", "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "The Night Shift" to name but a few. Ellogram’s debut release "So Cold" was also featured on the Jennifer Lopez produced TV series "The Fosters". "Come Home" is Ellogram’s second release and is a collaboration with Baltimore bred, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Lauren Ruth Ward. After hearing Lauren by chance on his Soundcloud feed, Fritsch was instantly captivated by her rich, emotive voice. He then reached out to her, eager for her to feature on a track that he had been working on. Within a few weeks Fritsch was on a plane to Los Angeles to begin the recording process. The result is a moody electronic pop track which undoubtedly transports listeners to a place bound only by the imagination, with ambient textured synths and haunting melodies intertwined with both of their unique vocal styles. ‘Come Home’ will be released on November 8, 2016.
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