On Feb. 3rd, 2017 Louisville’s "slinky, vintage pop powerhouse" Frederick the Younger release their much anticipated debut album, Human Child. A bigger and more exploratory progression of their EP Warm Front, which established their identity as a female led five-piece with a perfect balance of rock energy and pop melody. For Human Child, they wanted to create a more textured, riskier sound. The title track, "Horoscope," is a rock anthem for the ages. It instantly grabs and builds to a fist-pumping chorus. Aaron’s guitar and synth parts are an epic arrangement. On top of the groovy, percussion-heavy tracks are Jenni’s lush vocals that take you back to the booming female voices of the 1960s. And you can hear the thumbprint of producer and sonic wizard Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Twin Limb) in the soundscapes that thread the whole album together. Frederick the Younger’s story begins when Jenni moved to Louisville in 2011 and met Aaron who was performing under the name Dr Vitamin. They instantly bonded over their affection for Elliott Smith and The Beatles. In 2014 Jenni, Aaron and Matt ventured into the studio to record some Frederick the Younger demos. Flash forward to the summer of 2015 when they met John and fell in love with his vintage Fender Mustang guitar sound. Later that summer they were introduced to Dave who had returned home from playing drums with Jim James (My Morning Jacket) on his solo tour. That’s when Frederick the Younger was truly born. It didn’t take long for them to develop a reputation for putting on explosive live shows around the region. Human Child leaves you with the warm feeling you get when you watch someone find themselves – and with Frederick the Younger you know they have stumbled upon something truly unique. Frederick the Younger is Jenni Cochran, Aaron Craker, Matt Kohorst, John Barrera, and Dave Givan. Their debut LP Human Child will be released Feb. 3, 2017.
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