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Song Lyrics:

Endless nights of worry and pain,
Stop the noises cause I’m going insane
Tears, fears, where’s the hope;
Drifting at sea could you throw me a rope
Dark nights, worry, means to end
I’m looking around all I need is a friend
Unquenchable thirst, my life’s getting worse
Struggling hard to lift this curse
Where’s my direction, things out of control
I’m losing touch and I’m not that bold
Restore my soul, restore my light
I’m not giving up; I’ve gotta fight
Drowning out the voices of the past
Wondering how, running fast
The blame, the shame, nothing to gain
Redeem myself, endless thunder and rain
History now, repeating itself
Break the chains, can you hear me yell
It’s all part of the master plan
I put my mind at rest; don’t need to understand
When I raise my head up, it’s just a storm
Where are still waters, why can’t it be calm
Consequences, circumstances, help my pain
Gaining the world to lose your soul
No backing down on cruise control
What does it matter if nothing’s within
What does it matter beneath the skin

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