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The last time we wrote about GANGLY, we didn't quite know who they were although we had a good idea. But speculation kills the mystery and we waited it out until their Airwaves show to confirm our suspicions that it actually Samaris' Jofridur, Sin Fang/Seabear's Sindri and Oyama's Ulfur pulling the strings behind the enticing slow loop of "F**k With Someone Else". Their live show, complete with its dominating and quite unsettling visuals, revealed an epic depth to the trio: if Massive Attack had come from Reykjaviík in 2016 they'd probably sound like GANGLY. A few months shy of two years since that first track, we're getting a new track. "Holy Grounds" amps up the emotion and vocal f**kery over a skewed trap backbeat and offers up nothing less than we'd expect from the Icelandic power-trio. It expands the m.o. that "f**k with someone else" set out in strident musical brushstrokes. This is a band and a sound to get very excited about - and they're back for Iceland Airwaves in November too. -thelineofbestfit.
No lyrics found for the track "Holy Grounds" by Gangly. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Pop music releases in 2016.


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