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Garland Jeffreys brings it home in the title track of his new album, 14 Steps To Harlem. More than forty years into his storied career, Garland Jeffreys is enjoying the kind of creative second wind most artists can only hope for the first time around, earning a swarm of critical accolades and experiencing his most prolific stretch in decades. More than a dozen years had passed without an American album from Jeffreys when he came roaring back into the spotlight with 2011’s ‘The King of In Between.’ Hailed by NPR as "as good a classic roots rock record as you’re going to hear from anybody," the record also earned raves from The New Yorker to USA Today and led to a performance on Letterman. The experience fueled a creative revitalization for the rocker. In 2017, Jeffreys stays on a returning-champion roll with his 15th release, ’14 Steps To Harlem’, a spirited summation of virtually all the styles and subjects he’s explored through a nearly five-decade career. Produced with James Maddock, ’14 Steps To Harlem’ delivers what fans have come to expect from Jeffreys: edgy immediacy and literate, emotionally raw lyrics coupled with a still supple voice capable of singing in a wide range of styles. There have been plaudits aplenty in these, the victory lap years. In 2016 Jeffreys was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. He has shared the love over in New Jersey, performing at Bruce Springsteen’s Christmas gigs and Light of Day Foundation shows (a longtime admirer, Springsteen has had Jeffreys join him on stage numerous times). In the early 2000s, he was featured in a Wim Wenders-directed, Martin Scorsese-produced installment of the documentary film series The Blues. The documentary that Jeffreys himself deserves is in the works, to be crowdfunded, like his recent albums, through PledgeMusic. Jeffreys will tour widely in support of the album, with stops in New York, Chicago, the U.K., France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and more. The Huffington Post calls his live performances "a seriously satisfying high-octane show." "The big story in the album is '14 Steps To Harlem,' and what my father gave me," the veteran New York singer tells Billboard. "This is kind of a dedication to him, to both my folks, this album. But my father, he gave me a life. He provided the money for me to go to Syracuse [University]. He gave my brother and I what he didn't have. He was a very dutiful guy. I'm sitting here in a nice apartment with my wife, and my daughter when she's home, and I'm very grateful for what I have, and I know that's because of what my father gave me." As Jeffreys talk-sings verses about his father and mother's journeys to work -- his at a small factory in Harlem, hers to the Domino sugar plant -- between doo-wop style choruses, the video streams appropriate black & white period photos, including plenty of street scenes and venues such as the Apollo Theatre and the Rhythm Club. The combination presents a vivid image of Jeffreys' experience as a youth, with a solemn and reverent but also joyful tone.
No lyrics found for the track "14 Steps To Harlem" by Garland Jeffreys. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Adult Contemporary music releases in 2017.


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