“Whistle King,” the records infectious first single, encompasses much of what the record is about. “On the surface it seems sort of nonsensical and fun but the song really describes how crazy our lifestyle is on the road,” explains Lane, who plays bass and sings harmonies. “Playing in an indie band is a constant state of discovery, and lyrically, “Whistle King” exemplifies much of that exhilaration and frustration.” Releasing an album can be heartbreaking affair, especially when you have to choose a song to represent the entire work. Fortunately, “Whistle King” is an accurate representation of the dynamic, slick, and sometimes weird sounds that The Georgia Flood bring to their new album People Like Ourselves. With influences like Modest Mouse and Young the Giant, “Whistle King” reaches into the realm of driving, fun mayhem and delivers a tune you can’t help but whistle along with. Momentarily bizarre and reasonable structured, the song takes detours through quirky lyrics and strange sounds. For The Georgia Flood, writing music is a low pressure situation and “Whistle King” exemplifies their lively and idiosyncratic style. The Georgia Flood consists of two brothers, Brooks Mason and Lane Kelly. Barely into their 20’s the brothers have been playing music since they were pre-teens. The full People Like Ourselves EP, out December 2nd, consists of genre-bending alt-rock tunes that take influences from Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, and Alabama Shakes.
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