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A portal into the dark and crazy world of Harry Munk! Harry Munk are an alternative/ fusion dance band who mix electronica with live instruments. Hailing from Devon and Cornwall, this female-fronted 5-piece fuses together elements of drum and bass, dub and rock with heavy guitar riffs, killer basslines and kick arse vocals. The band believe in drawing on the creativity of each musician in the band and not sticking to a specific style or having any restrictions in the writing process. The band records, masters and produces all of their original music and music videos. Members are- Kara, Kev, Beccy and Kyzer. Director & Producer: Harry Munk

Song Lyrics:

You can pour your heart out here but we'll make it disappear
H.M.P is glad to have you here

I don't wanna hear you whining
I don't wanna see you crying
I'm not entertaining your fear
H.M.P is glad to have you here

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