Henry Doss, a rockin’ singer/songwriter from North Carolina, releases "Just The Way" as a follow-up to his first Lamon Records release "I Think About You" which garnered critical acclaim and widespread worldwide airplay. Doss’ new song grew out of real life circumstanses, as he recently explained. "I wrote this song for my youngest daughter, as she is going through a divorce. So, it’s a dad talking to his grown daughter, and trying to be optimistic and encouraging. Of course the lyrics are ridiculously, naively optimistic. You could call them Pollyanna if you wanted, or cliched. But I kind of don’t care, since they were authentically delivered and intended." "Henry has a unique ablitly to tap into all the best things about a "classic, straight ahead, catchy, feel good rock tune" says Dave Moody, Lamon’s president and Grammy® nominated artist/produccer/engineer. "No matter what the subject." Two versions of the song are available for airplay. A kickin’ straight ahead rock track and a more reflective slow acoustic treatment of the tune that audiences should also find interesting. In addition to the new single and a forthcoming album of rock songs to be released in the future, Doss and Moody are also in pre-production for a multimedia project called "The Jerusalem Cycle" – a series of songs linked together in a narrative tracing the history, conflict and wonder of Jerusalem, with multi-media and stage theatrical elements.
No lyrics found for the track "Just The Way" by Henry Doss. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Adult Contemporary music releases in 2017.


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