Byron Bays’ HYPERFRACTAL today launch their debut single and prepare to take their sound on the road.HYPERFRACTAL will tour the east coast in March 2017 to support their debut EP ‘The Key’. The four-piece outfit’s new single ‘Postcards From Paradise’ features a cutting-edge music video that showcases their affinity with their home town and its unique sensibilities. The band has built up a solid fan base over the past two years, playing regular live shows in Byron Bay,Lennox Head, Yamba and Ballina, supporting acts such as Demon Parade, Lepers & Crooks, The Lazys, and Waxheads. Now it’s time for the lads to strike out on their own and they could not be more ready to take Byron Bay to the world.

Song Lyrics:

Acquiring the saltry tunes
Not so quiet within the cube
Mindless games we play
as we pay per view

No pill can cure the ills
Black skies, black eyes
Modern slaves desensitized

Oh it's hard to see
beyond the machine
Oh it's hard you know
All things come & go
Come & go

Postcards from paradise

All I can do is write
Inside, outside
waiting for postcards from paradise

Postcards from paradise

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