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Song Lyrics:

There was time when I couldn't face my reflection I was beaten and my mind was broken
After thirteen years of lying to myself that I know you,
and you're more than just a chase

Looking at the wall - I still see your face
Looking at the floor - with brine cutting my cheeks
Looking up and up - the tears stop falling
Looking into heart - the beat is slowing

Falling apart stopped when I woke up and this nightmare was over

Now I see, that you've been my mistake,
you have never been honest, and you have never loved me
You will never break my heart, and you will never let me down,
Keep your feelings out of this leash , keep your pins out of my reach, 'cause

Who we are I found today
I realized that's too much for me
I found serenity
I finally found peace

Shattering like glass, your bewilderment like a number
of delusions that our relation was something more than ash
and it was not fast, there was no healing class,
My pride, your cry,
you lied, I still tried, but then I found - there's nothing more to hide
My confession was precise like a scalpel but it cut my conscience up from inside, to outside, and tore your long-term lies, you're erased from my life, please leave me 'cause

I don't wanna look at you anymore
I don't wanna look at you anymore
I am tired of person that I never knew
I am tired of loving someone that I believed, it was you

I'm done with you
it's over 'cause you're not real
it's over 'cause you're not real
you showed me that I could feel something more that is in lexicon of human being

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