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  • She Just Wanna Dance - Inja
    Filmed & edited by Harry Smith I see this so often when I’m out working from the stage, it always breaks my heart a little. In my eyes when I do go out I want to dance, enjoy music and feel free in the safety net of the sound system. I’ll always help when I can. I just want to go out and be free to dance and I’ll smile with anyone who’s into that. - Inja She Jus...
  • No Regrets - Inja
    Shouts to the BMX riders: Sam Bada, Damo Wilkinson, Luc Byford and Matt Priest Filmed & Edited by Harry Smith When you get to walk away from something that you’ve loved so dearly you can’t have any regrets. All the bad has to get cleared out, so you can take whatever good with you and step forth in the right direction to maintain a strong and healthy heart. - Inja...

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