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Song Lyrics:

And for the last great seance,
We have gathered together to bring forth the End
This is the End that shall destroy everything
This is the night that shall forever reign
This is the darkness that shall be your cage
This is the chaos which shall never fade
And they go on being mysterious
Centuries lost in the canons of time
They have appeared among us
Haunting us, taunting us
Cauldrons of infinite light
Our dreams, they have drained us, chained us
Left us as hollowed shell
Tonight we shall bleed them as they have bled us before
In a sea of blistering consciousness
We shall arise, once again, for the End
And testify
Rising from Oblivion
Only to vanish once again
But, you never let me down did you?
Not even when you found
That the nightmares were here to steal your dreams away
And replace your eyes with other things
Like them, like me.
So hold me in your arms
We’ll never be apart
This darkness that I breathe
Has ruined everything
Lord, tell me to believe
That this life is just a dream
As we burn down everything

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