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Song Lyrics:

As I lay me to sleep.
How I dream about me and you. I can 't wait, wait for the day when i, wake up right by your side and stare in your eyes. I can see a beautiful canvas that is painted with our love. I can't help but get offended, when i think about my life with out you.

hook: Baby you know that i would never say no. oh no, Cause I can;t live without you. you know that I'm the man to honor the chance. to show how i feel inside about you, lets make it official.

Take a seat. Let me speak. about our lives united, don't try to fight it. Oh how great and how sweet the feeling, its so amazing. ( My heart) I can see a beautiful canvas. That is painted with our love/ The most wonderful illustration and description of us together.


Bridge: Come be my only, I know that you want me, don't take your eyes off me, listen to what i say. come and be with me so we can be happy, treat you like royalty. ( lets make it official) so what you waiting for, I got so much in store for my new found love a romantic scene. we;ll live in a perfect world that's tailored for you and me, try me and you will see. that I'm official


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