Country singer/songwriter Joe Denim says and writes about what most other people dare even think. Now with his debut single "If I Had A Million Dollars," Joe is giving the average American permission to recall the time when the American Dream was reachable. Never before in history has the average Joe been so tested and divided by a political campaign or felt so uncertain about the future for themselves and their children. They grew up dreaming of building tree-forts in their yards, of not having to eat Kraft dinners, but choosing to, because they loved mac and cheese. With "If I Had A Million Dollars", Joe fantasizes not only about buying a well furnished house, but also about riding in a limousine with his girl, wearing fake fur coats (because real ones would be cruel). The video will be up at, in rotation on The Country Network and other outlets where music videos are shown! Joe will be on the road touring most of 2017 both hosting stadium shows and festivals like his fourth year of hosting Tree Town in Forrest City Iowa Memorial Day weekend. Tour dates include a January 7th date with Ray Scott and full band dates routed through the spring and fall. And Don’t miss Joe at the CRS opening day Kick off party on Wednesday February 22 from 2:15 – 2:45pm! Fans will recognize Joe’s country hit "Pray For You" which he wrote with Jaron Lowenstein but his writing catalogue is deep with fan favorites like "Better Half’ve," and "Cover of The Field and Stream," which he wrote with Steve Cropper, recorded with his good friend Rodney Carrington. Before launching his solo career, Joe played keys on the road with numerous country stars including Steve Holy and Uncle Kracker. An active member of the Nashville songwriter community, Joe regularly writes with the likes of Earl Bud Lee ("Friends In Low Places"),Bill Anderson ("Give It Away"), Wyatt Earp ("She’s Got A Way With Words") and many more. He can also be seen around the country hosting events from CMA Festival stages to Stadium Shows with headliners including Kid Rock, Zac Brown Band and Tim McGraw. An avid outdoorsman and hunter Joe was raised to respect the environment and leave it better than he’s found it. He has a passion for wildlife conservation and finds inspiration and solace out in the woods or on a lake.
No lyrics found for the track "If I Had A Million Dollars" by Joe Denim. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Country music releases in 2016.


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