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Song Lyrics:

Yall see dis?
I’m just trying to make it, until we make it
I’m not tryna f**king to do a million dollars
uhh I mean, I’ll take it you know what i mean?
don’t get it twisted, but
I’m not 24 hours pumping out
Ni**as would really be getting money over there boom boom
whatever comes, comes knowmsaying?
Whatever comes by me comes by me
I’ll deal with that and do it
I aint bustin my neck full fledge hustlin that don’t even work out
my Ni**a i’m telling you, shi* don’t work out
man we done did, you don’t think we ain’t who we are we ain’t hustle
we older than you my Ni**a we know what that shi* is about
shit ain’t that ill man you gotta make sure you pay your bills
if you got a shot at something real, thats the shot! (That’s right)


Santana Back, he got the bandana back
Santana back, he got the bandana back

That’s a fact thats a fendi, Santana back its a wrap its a rizzy
I keep the strap yeah the strizzy, could be the mac or the dilly
the 9 only come out to shoot, my shy glizzy
any given day might have a brick stashed in the stizzy
D-Bo back to Z-Bo and Ni**as been on my grizzly
Leg hanging out the phantom you heard drizzy
(drake sample)
Bumping litty again word to meek milly till they kill me or come get me
Still ballin what up Jimmy? Been rich just tryin to get filthy
All my whips foreign and the color’s milky
teachers used to tell the other kids not to f**k with me (WHY?)
He’s a dummy he’s bad company
now my teachers kids looking up to me, same teacher textin me like do you want some company?
She let me f**k her brains out, now how dumb is she? (HA)
You know i hit it and quit it, on a mission to get it, this life i’m livin’s forbidden
So I stay gripping and wit it, get caught slippin you finished
Gotta watch these Ni**as cuz they switching like bi**hes
with this piece i’m like a barber with clippers, all these carnival Ni**as
stick to the business only honorable Ni**as
yeah theres only respect VIOLENCE gotta harm a few Ni**as
gotta play dumb sometimes just to be smarter than Ni**as
we was set up to fail from the beginning Ni**as go to school just to get stuck payin tuition
Drug game different Ni**as pieces aint hittin
let the gram tell it though, everybody winning
these boys don’t listen, they don’t respect tradition
Ni**as start shi*, get bombed on and start snitching
Cops kill a Ni**a, get aquitted in a minute
and they try to bribe vision, and make us think the murderer’s the victim
and slaves to the system, it’s just the world we live in


Santana Back, he got the bandana back
Santana back, he got the bandana back

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