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Two of Trunk's directors team up to collaborate for the first time here for the 25th anniversary of Julian Lennon's Saltwater. Using a combination of illustrations, textures, scanned photographs, vector graphics and 3D models, this psychedelic collage that follows a young woman too distracted by her phone to notice the world around her (both the good and the bad), adding a new layer to the song's message of conservation. With subtle nods to past events (and even a Beatles reference or two) thrown into the mix, the video's journey is one to pay close attention to. FROM THE DIRECTOR Layla Atkinson & Jock Mooney: “We used a range of visuals that were driven by the song, for example when Julian sings of walking on the moon we used Jock’s drawing of an astronaut, yet at other times we used less obvious correlations such as a cracked baby’s bottle to convey the emotion of a hungry child” “The video has multiple layers and images that on repeated viewing reveal themselves”
No lyrics found for the track "Saltwater 25" by Julian Lennon. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Adult Contemporary music releases in 2016.