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Electronic artist Kidepo has dropped his new single “Ramada” which you can check out below. The song will appear on his upcoming EP Reunion, out on April 28th. Home is a slippery concept for Jonah Mutono. The 25-year-old musician who records as Kidepo was born in London before his parents moved to Philadelphia to pursue their career; the family returned to their native Uganda nine years later after struggling to find a sense of belonging in the United States. When he was 13, Mutono was shipped off to attend school in England, where he stayed until he was 22. “When people ask me where I’m from, I don’t know what to tell them,” he sincerely states regarding his upbringing. It was just a few weeks ago when Kidepo shared "Water ," and now he returns with "Ramada." The eletro-R&B track is a piece from his upcoming EP Reunion, which is slated to drop April 28th. Sharing more about the inspiration behind the song on his Facebook page, Kidepo says: "I'd been listening to violent Afro drums, and had no idea how I could translate that into something I'd sing on, but I left the boys (Take A Daytrip) a reference and went to the bathroom. I got back, like 3 minutes later, and they’d made that mess of an introduction. I played the chords in, and the rest is a blur. It was so peppy and off-kilter, it sounded to me like a sarcastic person starting to realize that they’re having a good time. That’s a feeling I know well, and now it’s a song." Mutono’s return to Uganda served as the main focal point of inspiration behind Kidepo’s debut EP, Reunion. He returned after falling ill at school and, in failing to keep up with his studies while in England, being deported back to his home country. “Everyone was telling me I’m not Ugandan,” he explains, “and that I should learn to tolerate being in Uganda now because I don’t belong in the West anymore.” That sense of displacement and transience marks the five songs collecte d on Reunion, a musical document so intimate it practically leaves a mark.
No lyrics found for the track "Ramada" by Kidepo. This song has been presented as a new single hit in R'n'B music releases in 2017.

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