Last Letters is a crossover of a music video and documentary, made by Seoul-based director Nils Clauss with music artist Levi Patel, which tackles a heartbreaking subject: the Sewol ferry accident in which 304 out of 476 passengers - mainly schoolchildren – and crew died, on April 16th 2014. Clauss's approach is to allow the relatives of the young victims to express their feelings, in a way that neither glosses over or sentimentalises their grief, or entertains the concept of closure. Nevertheless, Last Letters is a rewarding experience. It is a tribute to the dignity of the bereaved, in the face of national tragedy that has become a national scandal, due ot how the South Korean government handled the disaster. "Nine of the victim's bodies have never been recovered while the government failed to retrieve the shipwreck to carry out a full investigation," explains Nils Clauss. "It was not an easy project, but I really hope that this film speaks to the families, but also makes a bigger international audience aware of this dark day in Korean history."
No lyrics found for the track "Last Letters" by Levi Patel. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Unknown music releases in 2017.

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