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Song Lyrics:

Bi**h we armed and dangerous
You ain't no limit, can't hang with us
Ain't too many that can bang with us
Ni**as want smoke, well flame it up
What you been smokin', some angel dust?
You're mad 'cause your bi**h got a thang for us?
You really want smoke with the gang for her?
You thinkin' 'bout losing your brain for her?
Ni**as got choppers, the same as us
But I don't really think they insane as us
We come to your block and change it up
They take off they jersey and hang 'em up
Look, I wanted to be like D-Rose
Mama was broke and I needed some clothes
Then I started wyling and kicking in doors
Looking for fiends that be playin' with they nose
Got off my a*s and start settin' some goals
My neck got upgraded from silver to gold
I start a track, I need different hoes
I keep me a row, I need me a Rolls
Remember them times had to sleep on the floor
Now all my seats on the floor
M O B, won't pay a fee for a ho
And I still scream free the Ro
They want me chained up but I came up
Young Ni**a 'bout to f**k the game up
Movin' slow so I switched the lane up
Kept it Ben Frank, never changed up
If it's 'bout money you know I get plenty
I ride with the semi, I die with it with me
Don't try Lil Bibby, the savage is in me
I'ma get rich 'til I die like I'm Fifty


Let's be serious, Ni**as be actin' like they on they period
Tellin' these lies but I am not hearing it
They play in the ride but I am not feeling it, cut it off
I do not like being lied to
EBK, let me remind you
Ni**as be talkin' like gangsters until I go hop out, lil brother come find you
Kill everybody behind you
Or in the front and the side too
Your partner 'nem wanna be cool
If he f**k with you then he dying too
Ni**as keep hating, I'm losing my patience
I f**k with some haitans who'll make you a patient
These Ni**as ain't gon' be satisfied
'Til the doc tell mama you ain't gon' make it
Ni**a it's 'bout time that I go super saiyan
My brothers been telling me Bibby quit playin
I got a short temper so watch what you sayin'
Tell all these crackers just hurry and pay him
They don't understand, bi**h I'm the man
F**k her then kick the bi**h out like she payin'
Dealt me the cards, just watch how I play 'em
F**k a hit record, Free Crack for the land

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