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Song Lyrics:

I left the streets now them Ni**as mad
I'm racked up now I ain't going back
But I still be with them savages
I hit hard spit cabbages
I might pull up in that big benz
Red bottoms on cabbages
Pockets full of them carriages
Yall hoes shi*s average
I'm grinding hard, I'm getting rich
I'm running around, I'm taking trips
[?] screaming a Ni**a name
When I pull up in a different benz
I'm with the shi*s if you with the shi*s
I don't give a shi* cuz I'm Tommie bi**h
Yall hoes sell tommie dick
Got everybody on that Tommie shi*
Yall think this tv gon turn up bi**h
This PG but I'm rated R in this shi* bi**h
I might flip on some nut shi*
I beat your ass, I could get you hit
If I don't get your murked, I could get you clipped
I was raised in Newark Ni**a where we won't take shorts
We smoking shi*
We was raised if you don't got something
You don't ask for it, you go get that shi*
We was raised you got your blinker on
You don't back out, you better hit that shi*
We was raised, when the cops come
you go not telling Ni**a shi*
But nowadays these real Ni**as is a f**king fraud
They a f**king snitch
So I stay away from bi**h Ni**as, I don't need that shi* Ni**a
Nah Ni**a I don't gang bang but I could ball Bloods
I could call Crips
Slide through in that foreign, fishtail in every corner
10 bandz on a mink bag
Get the shi* cuz it was boring
and I ain't wearing no sneakers
Cop reds like they Jordans
30 on my wrist, 10 banz on my finger
This shi* on my neck
Why your ho keep linking
Ni**as said I took the show here and made that shi* my season
A young bi**h from Newark
I'm pretty but I get crazy
Yeah bi**h I might fight
I ain't really big on that arguing
I spit clean in a hoe face and hit that bi**h with a bottle
I'm dream chasing, no dream chasing
But the dream chasers is my partners
Ni**as mad because my dreams alive
And yall Ni**as still starving, yall hoes gon hurt who?
My Ni**a beg your pardon?
This rap shi* my Cemetary, putting everybody in a coffin
One button push started
Other button gon park it
I slide through in that [?] all new bi**h topless
I double clutch that hoe
Make her shake her a*s on your block Ni**a
Shake her a*s on your block Ni**a
Why yall hoes keep looking at me like I haven't always been hot Ni**a
TV made yall change up, I'm just tryna change [?] Ni**a
I can go on some f**k shi* and have a A Wall go rob Ni**as
I'm tryna keep em out the streets tho
Tryna keep em out the beef tho
I'm tryna keep em with that heat tho
He won't put it in unless I speak tho
I'm tired of all these nutty hoes acting like they so street tho
You call yourself the princess, you is a dope head
You is a dead beat
Call the cops on a street Ni**a
Bi**h couldn't keep it in the street Ni**a
Puerto Rican bum bi**h
Since Tommie show I run the shi*

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