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I have to admit I was a little confused on the first listen through of this song. I was expecting a fun little summer grove, with Matt singing about spending days at the beach watching beautiful girls in bikini’s who were working on their tans, but in fact, it is a play on words. His friends call him Coconuts because he is in love with someone who he cannot have, because she belongs to another.

The instrumentation does take you to a tropical paradise, with a fun little groove. You automatically feel relaxed, as if you yourself were lying on a beach somewhere soaking up some vitamin D.

I wouldn’t call the lyrics clever but they are cute: “it takes two to mango and I don’t wanna tango with anyone but you”; “I know it’s crazy but I can dream, one day you’re gonna wake up when I shake your tree”
No lyrics found for the track "Coconuts" by Matt Gary. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Country music releases in 2014.