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(Featuring Rick Ross)

Song Lyrics:

[Intro: Meek Mill]
No, no, no, no, no, no
These hoes - they like Ni**as that spend money, not talk about it
If you ain't gonna get the money then watcha gonna do?

[Hook: Meek Mill]
I graduated from the streets, no diploma
I made a million on that corner
I mixed pedico with baking soda
I made a million on that corner
Going Donald Trump numbers on the corner
I made a million on that corner
Graduated from the streets, no diploma
I made a million on that corner
I made a million on that, I made a million on that
I made a million on that corner

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Young rich Ni**a, I flex, look at my neck
Look at my bi**h, look at my wrist, got these Ni**as upset
Who you know blow a mill? Don't even think twice, no sweat
And these hoes around me?
You don't f**k, you don't give them no check
Cause ya'll Ni**as lame as f**k, none of these chumps can't hang with us
All these chains getting tangled up
And my clique armed and dangerous, and we'll flame you up
You get smoked mothaf**ker like angel dust
Start the Rolls Royce with the angel up
All these Ni**as on angel bruh, but I got stripes like a bengal does
And my wrist look like the flash on
Come that ho and bring that a*s on
So I can beat it up like you stole something
Might pop a perk, go mad long like skrrt
Been through your hood in a wraith, Ni**as is jealous, just look at your face
.357 get put in your place, follow my lead all you Ni**as is late
Like hold up, hold up, I done made a million on that corner
I bought some coke but couldn't deal with Arizona
Them yellow diamonds looking clearer than Corona
And if they act like they ain't with it


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I'm on the corner gettin' cake
I'm talkin' like it's 88
Givenchy all I really play
Kingpin status when I swerve up on the block
A Ni**a like you, you wouldn't even get the cock
Get my money dolo, I just need some help to count it
I'm the richest Ni**a outta Dade-Broward County
Feds know my game, they keep it raw, we all at odds
Repossess my Lambo cause they wanna build a charge
When they got my Chevy, got it runnin' like it's 'sposed to
Hit up on my Ni**as, let 'em know my shop reopened
We rockin' everything, till I'm right back on the top
Nasdaq hustle bi**h, come get your a*s in stocks


[Outro: Rick Ross]
Ugh, Double M, bang!

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