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Song Lyrics:

Come on let's get it
Ya Ni**a my album comin'
Dreams worth more than money Ni**a
This mother f**kin' summer
I been gettin' so much mof**kin' money Ni**a
F**kin' all these bi**hes
I think I done took a year off
Still snappin' though
A lot of Ni**as fallin' off
We ain't doing nothin' but gettin' stronger Ni**a
New deals, new money, double M G Dreamchaser
Let's get it

[Verse 1]
My man got booked with a stone of white
If they make his bail a 'mil, he coming home tonight
I went from standing on them corners, jumping on them flights
Talking jumping out of Bentleys, jumping on them bikes
Middle of the jungle no strap, ice on
Ni**as pu**y in the dark, let's turn them lights on
I used to sleep on the same floors the mice on
Now it's Italian marble, moon walking like Mike doing
Rest in peace to Mike, I rest in peace the mic
I pop a couple percs, I drink that Easter Sprite
Its levels to this shi*, dog you won't believe my life
Peanut butter jelly on a french toast, eating right
Champagne gargling, everything is marvelous
62 Maybach, I can barely park the shi*
Got these rappers scared see em' shaking like it's Parkinsons
If they said my name they got flamed,
I'm the arsonist
A man don't eat he gonna starve
a man gonna starve he gonna die
I know that they gonna try,
that's why I stay strapped with a brand new mac and it's 45
So when they jump fast,
better whistle like off-sides
Cause I'm from Philly, we'll eat your cheese steak
I told Diddy, I ain't walking for no cheesecake
Cause the jeweller making the band with the freeze face
I'm on now, I got neighbors like in 3 states

[Verse 2]
Do it for the vine, I ain't gonna do it
Lets talk about the time when I use to go through it
Nappy a*s braids, with the cold shooters
We was playing with razors before they had the little scooters
Shit I walked in with my Pumas on,
you ain't even know it
These a million dollar pair of sneaks Ni**a,
you ain't even know it
Said Reebok dropped Ross, we ain't even know it
Cause he went and brought that Bentley Breitling,
he ain't even show it
At 21 I wanted to pop a bottle
At 22 I wanted the hottest model
At 23 I wanted the Rolls-Royce
So what you think I did, I went and f**king got it
I hit my hood, Ni**as looking f**king sour
They see me rolling and I be like you f**king coward
I just want to ball, spending the quarter on y'all
Just take a look at my car, you don't remember I starved
I want it all
Back in the day, packing the K
All that hate I made that go away
I do you dirty go you back to the A
Put in the verse like that Mac in you face
And Philly Ni**a, I'm mac in the bay
I'm off beat still killing shi*, I'm speaking all street still killing shi*
Hurricane the first week, I still killed the shi*
Intro been out like a year and I'm still killing shi*

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