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Song Lyrics:

I feel it sinking in
It’s underneath my skin
Straight through my blood
It’s in my bones

I taste it on my tongue
This poison fills my lungs
But I won’t let it fill my soul

Cause I know…

When I fight
I remember why I’m still alive
I’m holding on to what is left inside

You’re just a virus
and I didn’t come here to die

You made me question if
I wanted to exist
You were the venom in my veins

But now I see the truth
The enemy was you r
My time will come but not today

Cause I know…

With open eyes
I see the light
My spirit comes alive

I’m holding on
My will is strong
I know I will survive

The end is near
I will not fear
No reasons left to hide

The veil is gone
I’m moving on
I’m taking back my life

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