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“Fighter” will be used as the theme song for the Japanese-dubbed version of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ that’s scheduled to open in theaters on April 25. It’s a powerful rock number that’s written by Nakashima and Kato, composed by Kato, and arranged by ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo).

The single will also include “Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix)“, a remix of “Fighter” interlaced with samba rhythm. This will serve as the official song for ‘2014 FIFA World Cup‘ and will also be included in the “2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Official Album“, which will be released on May 21.

Nakashima and Kato hit it off because of their similar taste in makeup and fashion. They grew more friendly with each other, which resulted in this collaboration. Nakashima commented on the collaboration, “I was uneasy as this was my first collaboration single, but I respected her talents, and I feel very honored to have collaborated with her.”

Regarding the song, Kato said, “I’m absolutely honored to write the song for the world-famous movie ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′! I wrote this song while imagining Spider Man, who is a cool yet pained ‘Fighter’.”

The single will be available in a “Mika Edition” and “Miliyah Edition”. Both versions will come with a new song called “Gift” as the coupling track. In addition, the “Mika Edition” will include a “Miliyah LESS” version of “Fighter”, and the “Miliyah Edition” will include a “Mika LESS” edition of “Fighter”.

When Hollywood films make their way to Japan, they usually spare no expense in treating fans to a memorable theme song. The upcoming Marvel Comics romp, The Amazing Spider-man 2 is no exception. In fact, they've called upon two of my all time favorite female artists.

Singer and actor Mika Nakashima teams up with R&B superstar for the surprising new tune, Fighter. When I heard about the collaboration I was thinking about some slinky, smooth R&B track, but was surprised that they decided to deliver a rock ballad. I can't say I love the decision. While the vocal work is fantastic, the music is just kind of there. Maybe I bult up the anticipation a bit too much on this one, but the choice of music is totally disappointing.

The ladies look lovely, fighting their way through crowds of thugs, all while giving us a peek at the upcoming film. The song is also going to featured in the 2014 World Cup album. With all the amazing rock music coming out commercially in Japan lately, I'm surprised subpar music would be used here. Seriously, someone remix this for me with some sweet R&B action.

Song Lyrics:


Now I know itsumo futari soba ni
Dakedo mienai
Moeru hitomi
Kimi ga tatte iru
Masani soko de hajimaru
Hokori takaki senshi no
Fure rarenai hodo no atsu-sa ga

You’re the one that I live for
Kimi wa totemo kodokuna figther
Itsu made mo soba ni ite
Dakedo kimi wa sō shi*e kurenai
Sekai no sumi no doko ka ni tatte
Watashi o kanji terunara
You’re the one that I live for
You’re the one that I live for
Kimi wa Fighter Fighter
Fighter Fighter
That sounds like our love story
That sounds like…I feel like…
That sounds like our love story
I miss you I wanna hold you

Koishikute nemurenuyoru wa
Upside down kimi to no kiss
Omoidasu mado no soto nagame
It’ s the only way to fly
High and I
Kanashikute mo nakanai Cause I
Akai ito tsunagu One & Only It’s you
Miokuru senaka
Watashi no kokoro wa naiteru
Demo egao de kimi wa kaette kuru
Shinjite aisuru kimi ni tsuite iku
You’re the one that I live for
Kimi wa totemo yūkan’na fighter

Zenryoku de hashitte mo
Furimukeba otte kuru tamashī
Ibaranomichi o hadashi de susumu
Don’na shiren mo uketetatsu
You’re the one that I live for
So Lonely Fighter Fighter
Fighter Fighter
Where are you from?
Where do you go?
Please take me with you
Just be yourself I can’t deny

Tamani kurushiku naru son’na toki wa
Watashinokoto omoidashite
Tada kon’nani kimi o tsuyoku
Omoteru I love you moa
You’re the one that I live for
Kimi wa totemo kodokuna faitā
Kimi ga kimidearu tame
Kyō mo tatakai tsudzuke teru
Koware-sōde mo tsumazuite demo
You’re the one that I live for
Kimi wa Fighter Fighter

Fighter Fighter

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