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Song Lyrics:

Break Ha , Break A Bi**h , Break Ha
I Broke The Bi**h For Ha Last Money
Na They Calling Her A Crash Dummy
I Got Ni**as In Jail A Break Ya A*s Off
Acting Like You Gone Tell Something
I Just Broke Up With My Ex Bi**h
Cause She Wasn't Tryna Break A Ni**a Off shi*
She Just Wanna Suck On My Dick
Lay Up And Talk Bi**h Ian With That Soft shi*
I Need A Bi**h Thats Gone Make Some
If The Move Right She´ll Take Some
Shake A Ni**a Like A Seizure
And She Ain't F**king She Gon Tease Ya
Fatal Ni**a Dice Game
Getting Money Yeah Bread Gang
I Might Just Break Off Some Hundreds And Throw Em
Next Time A Hater Say My Name
I Got The Game Inna Choke Hold
All Of My Ni**as On Pay Role
So If You Thinking Bout Beefing With Me
You Can Get Wrapped Like A Jarol
My Daughters Want Some EveryDay Of The Week
Mane Them The Only Girls Breaking Me
Im In The Streets Just Like Sesame
Broke Ni**as Can't Stand Next To Me
I Know Some Thats Solid I Know Some Ni**as Thats GD
I Know Some Ni**as Thats Blood And Crip
Uh Break Ya A*s Off About Me
I Might Just Break Off Them Choppers
Pull Up On Ya Block And Spray The shi* Up
I Just Might F**k On Ya Bi**h For So Long
That She Calling You To Break Up
She Broke Ya Heart Na You Scarred Na
Rap And Work You Need A Job Na
All That Hollering Bout What You Gon Do To Me
Mane Lil Ni**a Calm Down
Phone Ringing I Can't Get A Break
Cause Im Too Booked Up You Can't Get A Date
Im F**king The shi* Out Lil Shawty
She Throwing It Back And Praying The Rubber Break
Damn I Just Broke My Iphone 7 I Want The Wish
Who Gon Pay For This
Damn I Just Broke Them Whips Out Just Broke Them Bands Out
I Know Them Folks Hate That shi*
Damn I Just Went Broke In The Mall
But Still Got Money In The Bank And shi*
... You Know Ion Play That shi*
2 Federal ( 3x ) You Know That shi* On The Way And shi*
You Rap Ni**as Break Out To Sweating Biting They Nails
Hoping Im Flocking shi*
I Broke That Bi**h Cause She Felt Me
Broke Ha For Ha Last Im Selfish
Ima Young Thug , No Jeffery
Skeeted In Her Mouth And She Kept It
Ughh Ughhh Ughhhh

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