Song Lyrics:

Fiery eyes red tongue and bad breath
im gonna twist im gonna twist off its head
Till the black bile comes out of it

That big dog wagging its tail
Bearing its teeth and barking at me
I do the best I do the best the best I can
Got to get get get rid of it

So let is ride ride
Really want to have to find a way to get away

Projected picture on a screen
It cant be me it must be a bad dream
Ive to cut,Ive got to cut Cut that scene
Press rewind-restore and redeem

Theres bad blood under my skin
A river carrying poison and sin
A little voice A little voice whispering
Youve got to get get get rid of it

So lets ride,ride
Really want to Have to find a way to get away
Time has come for me to really get out of this place

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