The young and very talented Argentinian producer Muska lands on Techburst Records with a big 2 track debut EP. We are always searching for new blood techno producers and with Muska we think that we’ve struck gold! Track 1 on the EP is Wounds and has one of those minimalistic yet infectious grooves. The extremely warm Len Faki-esque sub bass adds so much fuel to the fire. Combine that with some seriously nagging detuned stabs and you’ve got yourself a really stomping production. Next up we have Tilt that is a lot more percussive and groove based with it’s chopped vocal stabs and dark vibes. The build-up in the main breakdown is a bit special and will be sure to blow any hedonistic crowd to pieces. This is an excellent debut EP from Muska, you really need to check this out!
No lyrics found for the track "Tilt" by Muska. This song has been presented as a new single hit in Dance music releases in 2017.


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